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Proferssional Cinematography

A Professional Cinematographer elevate the classic video to a movie like a director in the film industry, by taking breathtaking shots of your wedding day, edited on film music within a unique story line. A Cinematic Film continuously holds the attention of the viewers.

Cinematography vs. videography

Cinematography is much more different than classic Videography. Cinematography is an art the cinematographer makes a full film. He makes research, use very special equipment like (aerial photo, HD or 4k cameras etc), directs the wedding with a unique story line in every couple.The films you see on our blog and website are all shot with a cinematic style. The Wedding Videographers are more like journalists they just capture the moments and mix the images or videos with music and text. The storylines of true filmmakers are surprising, varied, dynamic and full of emotion. All of us have watched a long, boring video of our parents.

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